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the supposed greenest recycling company in the country. >> i do believe in the green environment tally sound policies. >> reporter: brian mcvay was once proud of his job. he was a supervisor at recology. two buy back centers have helped san francisco reach an 80% recycling rate. the highest in the nation. but at this buy back center on tunnel road, brian says there were problems. so he installed surveillance cameras to keep an eye on things. >> there is the attendant. she going to weigh the material. >> reporter: he estimates that was about two pounds of plastic and three pounds of aluminum but the report from that transaction shows something different. 68 pounds of plastic and 47 pounds of aluminum. then, off the customer goes to get his cash to later split with his buddy, the employee. >> and this is an example of what went on all day. >> reporter: in 2007, company records show 6.3 million pounds of bottles and cans taken in for recycling. but only 1.4 million pounds leaving for processing. armed with the evidence, brian took his findings to management but he was told to back off. even th
grew up without a dad. the only difference was that his environment was more forgiving and his community never gave up on him. >>> oakland mayor was at the program today as well. >>> this is something we have never seen. this is hidden camera footage inside the supreme court. an advocacy group filmed it and posted it on youtube. this may not seem like a big deal, but the court famously forbids filming. no one is sure how a camera, probably a cell phone, got past security. >>> new rule that every driver needs to know about right now. you can use your smartphone while driving, but, not for everything. >>> tonight, a spying scandal that makes the nsa look harmless. introducing operation optic nerve. >> and before you buy another thing at the mall, you will want to see what julie watts discovered coming up next. 3 teenagers fell down a 30 clif >> chopper 5 caught this dramatic rescue from a san francisco beach today. three teenagers fell down a 30 will-foot cliff near china beach. a coast guard cutter got two of them to a ambulance, the third had to be taken by helicopter to the ho
outside of high school. jump-starting their career. >> there is no better environment to do it than on a community college camp news and study epbts under 21 years old say a lower sampling age would allow them to achieve a higher under standing of wine -- students under 21 years old say a lower sampling age would allow them to achieve a higher understanding of the wine. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> the bill is nick named sip and spit. they would not be able to swallow the wine. >>> the police are ramping up their police efforts for 93- year-old man who has been missing since wednesday. rob either davis was last seen driving away from marine joe's restaurant. he was heading towards northbound 101. and today, the police and volunteers put up flyers at businesses around downtown san rafael. dave sis 5 '7, 139 pounds with gray hair and gray eyes. the police say he has medical conditions and takes medications but overall in good health. >> there may be concerns about short term memory loss or he could have been confused with the weather. it was raining on wednesday night and raini
that are more adaptive to those environments to succeed. >> reporter: if you think it's just a central valley problem, think again. in december, 1977 california was in the middle of a major drought. strong winds near bakersfield scoured the top soil creating a huge dust storm. it shut down highways, toppled utility towers, damaged property and killed livestock. the plume rose 5,000 feet and spread hundreds of miles as far as sacramento like a tidal wave. >> that top soil was shipped up here and just dumped everywhere. >> reporter: in that top soil, valley fever spores. dr. lynn was on duty at a sacramento hospital. >> we experienced several hundred cases from that dust storm here in sacramento. >> reporter: it killed six and spores can now be found in chico and redding. as for lower she knows. >> something in the air. >> reporter: and all it takes is a gust of wind. >> two cases of valley fever were reported in the bay area in the 1970s. it even killed one of the great apes at the san francisco zoo. the symptoms are common like the cold or flu and possibly a rash. >>> we are learning the c
environment. >>> about a half hour ago crews in concord finally managed to fix a big water main break. water was pouring out of this rupture about 1:00 this afternoon on san miguel road closing the road most of the day. right now san miguel is back open. >>> pink is the color. friends left messages, flowers and a partly cloudy soccer ball at the scene -- pink soccer ball at the scene where a train hit and killed her. the 8th grade athlete was walking with friends. when they saw the train, they got out of the way, but jenna apparently went back to get her cell phone. >> i can't put it in words. it's really hard on a personal level. >> in every class she was in there was a box you could write letters or notes to her sitting at her desk. >> pink was jenna's favorite color. >>> scary scene at a texas airport today. this plane slammed into a terminal building and broke off its wing. this particular gate is so tight planes have to be towed into place. nobody was hurt. >>> tonight 16,000 russian troops are in crimea, the strategic peninsula that is part of ukraine. here's the very latest. russia re
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)